Behavior Counseling

Behavior Counseling

Sometimes our animals will learn certain undesirable behaviors.  Through pet training these behaviors can be modified, redirected, or in some cases completely eliminated.  Working with a trained professional through your pet's challenges is important to make sure your pet remains healthy and happy through counseling.  At Short Pump Animal Hospital we can help.  Let's take a look at some of the behaviors we can assist with.

Dog chewing on shoelaces.

What Types of Behaviors can be Treated?

There are many pet behaviors that we can address through counseling.  These include:

  • Aggressive Behaviors - We can help with several forms of aggression including aggression directed at humans, other dogs, or other species including cats.
  • Compulsion - Compulsive behaviors can include excessive grooming that we often see in birds damaging feathers, tail chasing, or circling. 
  • House Training - Whether your pet is young and still learning or has problems with marking territory throughout your home behavior counseling can help.
  • Anxiety - Many pets experience problems with anxiety.  This can take several forms including separation anxiety when the owners leave the home or specific anxiety such as thunderstorm phobia.  
  • Future Prevention - We can work with your pet to help prevent behavior issues that may arise in the future.  A good example of training is preparing your dog for a new baby in the home.

What Treatment is Recommended?

Treatment is fully dependent on the type of behavior being addressed.  Each counseling case begins with a full evaluation of the animal.  Our team will then make a diagnosis.  From here we will help you with an appropriate treatment plan for success.  Some disorders, such as anxiety, can be treated with medication.  Other behavioral problems, such as dog aggression, can be treated with proper and monitored socialization.  Further, issues such as repetitive and damaging behavior can be treated with training and redirection to encourage other preferred and healthier behaviors.  

How Intensive is the Work?

Most animal behavior can be changed in three months.  Your time commitment is often only 30 minutes a day.  The key to success is consistent training from all members of the household.  The goal is to create new behaviors that are positive and encouraged. If you have an animal with a pet behavior that is undesirable it may be time to contact the professionals for help. 

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Our team of expert and caring veterinarians at Short Pump Animal Hospital pride themselves in their caring approach to behavior counseling.  Call our office today at (804) 360-0100 to make an appointment.  We are located at 4730 Pouncey Tract Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059.  We are always accepting new patients and look forward to meeting you today

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