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January Was National Train Your Dog Month: Does Your Pup Need Training?

]January was National Train Your Dog Month, a reminder to pet owners to take time to train their canine companion. Through professional dog training, your pet can learn obedience, good behavior, safety habits, socialization skills and so much more. At Short Pump Animal Hospital in Glen Allen, we offer behavior counseling services that can improve the quality of your dog’s life.

Benefits of Dog Training

If you received a pup over the holidays and are having a hard time coping with his behavior, it’s not too late to have him trained. Dog training can cure your pup of behaviors that make him hard to live with such as loudness, hyperactivity or aggression. Training teaches your pup self-control, obedience, patience and other positive behaviors that will help him adapt to his new home.

What Behaviors Can Be Changed?

If your pup is showing any of the following behaviors, we can help:

  • Aggression – towards people, other dogs, cats or other animal species

  • Compulsive behavior – such as over grooming, tail chasing, constant circling, etc.

  • Anxiety or phobias – separation fears, fear of thunderstorms, etc.

  • House Training – difficulties or relapses with potty training

Working with veterinary experts is key to the success of your pet’s training. Your Glen Allen veterinarian has years of experience with dogs and will help your pet stay motivated and on track in his training program. Our veterinarian will also monitor your pet’s health and safety during his counseling sessions as health issues could affect his learning.

Importance of Bonding While Training

Dog training may last for several months. During this time, you’ll have one on one time with your pup. This provides an excellent opportunity to bond with your canine. The two of you can learn and grow together and establish a close relationship as your pet strives to reach his behavior counseling goals. 

Schedule a Consultation for Dog Training At Short Pump Animal Hospital

To consult with a veterinary specialist about dog training, call Short Pump Animal Hospital in Glen Allen at 804-360-0100 today. Training can make a positive difference in your pup’s life.

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