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Pet Microchipping

Microchips for pets are small devices (about the size of your fingernail) implanted just under the skin via injection. Containing components needed to hold digitalized contact information that can be read by a special scanner, microchips offer pet owners a safe, secure method of being reunited with lost pets. Activated by radio frequency signals emitted by scanners, microchips transmit identification numbers kept in a databank accessible by animal shelters and your veterinarian in Glen Allen, VA. When a lost, microchipped pet is found, a quick scanning of their microchip provides the owner's contact information, such as telephone number and street address.

How are Microchips Implanted?

Your Glen Allen veterinarian can easily and painlessly implant a microchip during a routine pet wellness exam. After placing a microchip in a hypodermic needle, your vet injects the microchip between your pet's shoulder blades. There is no need to anesthetize pets for implantation of a microchip. Once under the skin, microchips do not need to be replaced since they do not contain moving parts or batteries. Also, microchipping does not cause adverse physical effects. In fact, out of the millions of pet’s microchipped, only very few experience a minor problem involving migration of microchips from the original site of implantation.

Does Microchipping Really Help Reunite Pet Owners with Lost Pets?

The American Veterinary Medical Association cites a study finding dogs that weren't microchipped were reunited with owners about 21 percent of the time. Alternately, dogs with microchips were reunited with owners 53 percent of the time. Owners of microchipped cats were reunited with their felines nearly 40 percent of the time. In cases where microchipped pets were not returned to owners, the study stated this was due to incorrect or missing owner information contained in the database.

Get Your Pet Microchipped Today with Our Richmond Area Veterinarian

Don't rely on ID tags attached to collars to help your pets find their way back home. Collars come undone, tags get torn off collars and lost pets are left alone in animal shelters without any type of identification. Easily implanted microchips will ease your worries about accidentally losing your dog or cat and give you peace of mind if you ever find your pet has wandered off. Call our veterinarian in Glen Allen today at Short Pump Animal Hospital in VA to learn more about microchipping or to schedule an appointment: (804) 360-0100.

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