Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations Provided by a Glen Allen, VA Veterinary Specialist 

Pets throughout the Richmond area should receive routine vaccinations to prevent diseases that can lead to serious complications or even death. Even indoor pets are at risk of some of these issues. At Short Pump Animal Hospital, we help the Richmond area determine the best vaccination schedule for their pets and their needs. 

Vaccinations Provided by a Glen Allen, VA Veterinary Specialist

About Vaccines

Vaccines are medications given to a pet that prevent disease. The medication is given to your furry friend to assist your pet in building up immunity to a particular disease. If your pet should come in contact with the illness -- whether through an animal bite or another means -- your pet's body recognizes it and wards it off. Some vaccines we recommend for all pets of a species while we recommend others based on your pet's lifestyle. For instance, pets that go outdoors may need inoculations that a pet that’s strictly indoors doesn't need. 

Vaccines for Cats

Certain vaccines are recommended for all healthy cats. These include herpesvirus, feline panleukopenia, and feline calicivirus. The rabies vaccination is required by Virginia law. When you're in our office, we'll explain what all the conditions are and how your pet can contract them. We help you understand the importance of opting to get these vaccinations. You may also want to get your pet the leukemia vaccine, but it classifies as a non core one. Generally, we recommend your feline come into our office for his or her first round of vaccines between the ages of six to eight weeks. 

Vaccines for Dogs 

By state law, you must vaccinate your dog against rabies. The parvovirus, canine adenovirus, and canine distemper classify as core vaccines that we recommend all dogs should receive. Non Core vaccinations like Bordetella and leptospirosis are beneficial to some dogs based on their lifestyle. We recommend starting your canine vaccinations between the ages of six to eight weeks. 

Importance of Vaccinations 

Some diseases that your pet could contract are deadly to him or her. For instance, if your pet should come in contact with rabies, he or she will die from it. Unfortunately, because it's such a deadly disease to humans too, pets that have it are euthanized. Distemper in both cats and dogs lead to serious complications. While it starts out as an infection in the eyes and respiratory system, it can eventually cripple your pet and lead to death. 

Importance of Boosters 

After your dog or cat receives his or her first round of vaccinations, he or she still needs boosters after. These vaccines are only good for so long. A prime example is the rabies virus. We'll let you know the recommendations on when your pet needs boosters at his or her annual visits. 

Schedule an appointment to ensure your pet is up to date on his or her shots by calling Short Pump Animal Hospital, serving the Richmond area, (804) 360-0100. 

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