Pet Urgent Care

Emergency Veterinary Care in West End

As a pet owner, it can be scary when you think your pets may be dealing with an emergency. Sometimes, it's easy to see that when they are having a problem, such as when they have an acute injury. Other times, it can be more difficult to tell. At Short Pump Animal Hospital in Glen Allen, serving the West End area, we provide emergency and trauma care to our pet patients during normal hours.

Emergency Veterinary Care in West End

Signs of an Emergency

It's important to note that you know your pets best, and if you feel like something is off about your animals, you're probably right. Use these signs and symptoms as a guide to decide whether your furry pets may need emergency pet services. 

    • If your pets have a severe change in body temperature, it may be a sign that something is wrong. Pets are typically able to control their temperature through panting, but in cases of extreme hot or cold weather, they may be unable to do so.
    • Pale gums can indicate a number of health issues for animals, some of them life-threatening. If you notice that your animals have pale gums, bring them in to be seen right away. 
    • Paralysis or difficulty of standing are signs that your pets may be suffering from a stroke or another serious health condition. 
    • If your companion animals are straining or struggling to urinate, it's important that you seek pet medical care right away.
    • If your furry friends have a seizure, it's important to seek emergency care, even if they seem fine after the seizure is over. Seizures are often a sign of a neurological issue, and needs to be addressed immediately. 
    • Any signs of trauma, especially a head or neck injury, needs to be evaluated to prevent further injuries.

Call Our Veterinary Hospital for Emergency Pet Services

If your pets are in need of emergency care during normal hours, please do not hesitate to bring them into our animal hospital. We will find a way to make room in the schedule to provide lifesaving care for your beloved pets. If your companion pets are having an emergency outside of normal hours, please call your nearest emergency vet. We have some numbers available at our website. Call Short Pump Animal Hospital, serving West End, at (804) 360-0100 to schedule an appointment for any of our pet services. 

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