Soft Tissue Repairs

Soft Tissue Repairs In The West End

Owning a pet is a lot of responsibility. Like people, pets need to be taken to the vet regularly to ensure that they are growing and developing appropriately. Vet visits also ensures that your furry animal is up-to-date with his or her shots. These visits allow veterinarians to identify conditions that may require surgery, such as soft tissue repairs, as well. Our dedicated and professional team at Short Pump Animal Hospital is here to educate everyone in the West End area about soft tissue repairs in pets. 


What is a Soft Tissue Repair?

Soft tissue repair is the process of replacing a damaged tissue, which could be muscles, ligaments, tendons, or nerves, with a healthy one. There are two parts of soft tissue healing: repair and regeneration. Both parts help a pet recover from the injury and promote healing.

The exact procedure for soft tissue repairs depends on where the injury occurred and the severity. To ensure that the problem is diagnosed properly, veterinarians perform a detailed exam, orders diagnostic imaging, and takes a complete health history of the animal. Once the problem has been identified, a treatment plan can be developed.

How Does a Soft Tissue Repair Work?

Once a treatment plan has been developed, our veterinarians will go over with you about the procedure and answer any questions or concerns you have before moving forward with the surgery. On the day of surgery, your pet will be given anesthesia, and the procedure will be carried out carefully to ensure that all of the injuries are repaired appropriately. Afterward, your animal will be taken to the recovery area where he or she will wake up. It will take some time for the surgical area to heal. But with proper love, attention, and medical care, your furry animal will make a full recovery after a soft tissue repair.

Soft Tissue Repairs Improves a Pet’s Quality of Life

At Short Pump Animal Hospital in Glen Allen, Virginia, serving West End and surrounding areas, we are dedicated to providing top-notch veterinary care to our patients. Call our team today at 804-360-0100 to make an appointment with our veterinarians, or to learn more about how our services can help improve your furry pet’s quality of life. You can also request an appointment on our website.

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