Toxic Ingestion

Your adventurous pet is always getting into things. Regardless of how diligent you try to be, there may be times when your pet gets into something that could prove dangerous to its health. If your pet experiences toxic ingestion of a substance, our knowledgeable staff at Short Pump Animal Hospital, serving Glen Allen VA, is ready to assist you in this type of emergency.


Signs of Toxic Ingestion

Toxic ingestion or pet poisoning can happen at any time. Pets are constantly exploring their environment, and unfortunately, sometimes that means exploring with their mouths. Although, pet poisoning can be scary, taking the right actions will make all the difference.

Some common signs of toxic ingestion are vomiting, difficulty breathing or unusual drooling. You know your pet the best, so if you see any unusual behavior you should take notice.

When to Call a Veterinarian

If your pet seems in distress or pain, you should call your vet immediately. If you have other pets in the home, you should check them for symptoms as well. If there is any evidence of what your pet ingested, gather it up and take it with you to the vet’s office. This can help identify what your pet ingested and how much. Our veterinarian may need to know this information to decide how best to treat the situation. In some cases even gathering your pet’s vomit can help determine what was ingested.

Don’t Panic

One of the most helpful things you can do if your pet suffers from toxic ingestion is to remain calm. If you, as the pet owner, go into a state of panic, you will not be able to help your pet or the vet during this time. A calm pet owner can make more rational decisions as well as recall more information which could be important in treating your pet.

How to Prevent Toxic Ingestion

As with most things, prevention is the best medicine. Pet owners in The West End, should consider the following precautions to prevent toxic ingestion:

  • Keep a clean home. The more cluttered your home is the more opportunities your pets have of getting into dangerous items.
  • Keep materials that could prove toxic out of your pet’s reach. Just like with little children, there are certain things that your pets should not be exposed to. Keep these items put away safely and out of reach.
  • Keep your veterinarian’s number on stand by. Having a vet you trust will save you precious time if your pet gets into trouble.

If you would like to learn more about how to keep your pet safe and healthy, please call Short Pump Animal Hospital in Glen Allen at (804) 360-0100.

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