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New Puppy? What to do first

Puppies can be curious creatures that keep you laughing at their antics. Keeping them safe from injuries or sickness is an extremely important part of caring for a small dog. Contact Short Pump Animal Hospital in the West End, Glen Allen, and Richmond Area if your new pet needs medical assistance of any kind. Here are some points to keep in mind when caring for a new puppy so it stays as healthy as possible.

Get A Veterinarian To Conduct Evaluations

As your puppy grows into a full-sized dog, it is important that they have regular examinations by our veterinarian. Our practitioner will know if your puppy is suffering from an ailment and will provide them with the appropriate treatment if necessary. Our veterinarian will also provide your dog with preventative measures such as parasite medication, microchipping, and spaying or neutering. Immunizations are also conducted at routine intervals to keep your puppy safe from diseases.

Check Your Home For Hazards

Your puppy will undoubtedly want to play with items within its vicinity. Removing potential hazards is important to keep your pet from getting hurt. Check for any sharp items from puppy-level in your home. Chemical agents should be placed in locked cabinets so your puppy does not ingest harmful materials.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Monitored Outdoors

During puppy-stage, it is best to take your dog on walks rather than leave them in an area outside by themselves for elimination purposes. Your puppy needs to get familiar with the area you live, and walks will give it plenty of exercises during this important stage of their life. Make sure to always use a leash when walking your puppy so it does not become separated from you. Microchip your pet at our veterinarian's office to help protect it as well.

Contact Short Pump Animal Hospital in Glen Allen, VA!

If your pet requires medical help or if you want to schedule a well-visit, and you lie in the West End, Glen Allen, or Richmond area, contact Short Pump Animal Hospital for assistance. Call us today at (804) 360-0100 for more information about our services.

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