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Pain Management

We all know that pain is an uncomfortable experience and seeing your pet in pain can be heartbreaking. Short Pump Animal Hospital offers the best options we can for pain management in your pet.

Acute Pain Management

Acute pain is pain that is sharp and is brought on suddenly. This pain can happen because of an injury, a surgery, or some sort of trauma to the body. Most acute pain goes away on its own quickly and can be treated with medicine. Acute pain should resolve itself after the cause of the pain heals. If your pet is experiencing acute pain, ask your veterinarian about possible pain medications.

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is more long-lasting than other types of pain. Diseases including diabetes and osteoarthritis can bring it about. These diseases can last for the rest of your pet’s life so will need longer term management. Different treatments available include laser therapy, massage, acupuncture, omega 3 fatty acid and other joint supplements, medication, and more. Ask your veterinarian which course of action is best for your pet if they are having chronic pain.

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