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Diagnostic Care

Diagnostic care is an effective way to diagnose most diseases and illnesses in your pet.

In-House Laboratory

Short Pump Animal Hospital offers a variety of laboratory services for our diagnostic care.

  • General Health Profile - This allows us to assess the function of many internal organs such as the liver and kidneys and determine if preventive measures should be taken.
  • Complete Blood Count - This allows us to determine if a patient is dehydrated, anemic, or has an infectious or inflammatory process.
  • Urinalysis - This allows us to evaluate the urine for infection, inflammation, crystals, protein or glucose. A urinalysis may also allow us to assess your pet's kidney function.
  • Fecal Check - To determine if your pet has intestinal parasites, some of which cannot be seen with the naked eye or a bacterial imbalance. Your pet doesn't have to have diarrhea or vomiting to have intestinal parasites.
  • Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasma Test - To determine if your pet may be positive for heartworm or tick-borne diseases such as Lyme, Ehrlichia, or Anaplasma.
  • T4 - To determine if a patient is suffering from a thyroid issue, a metabolic disorder that can affect your pet's health.
  • EKG - To identify electrical abnormalities with your pet's heart and allow early diagnosis of a heart condition.
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring - Helps with understanding a patient’s cardiovascular status and can help in determining the best treatment approach.

Digital Radiography

Our high-resolution digital machine provides very detailed images of your pet’s organs and bones. These facilitate a more rapid diagnosis of your pet’s condition.


Ultrasound imaging allows us to more precisely see the movement and internal makeup of your pet’s organs giving us another tool to help us achieve a correct diagnosis. We can evaluate the abdominal organs, the heart and detect the presence of effusion (fluid) in the chest, abdominal and pericardial cavity. Ultrasound is also used in confirming pregnancies and assessing the health of the feti and for performing ultrasound guided biopsies within the abdomen. It is noninvasive and painless.

Allergies & Dermatology

Dogs and cats are more prone to skin allergic reactions than most people think. Pets often show signs of allergies through skin problems and gastrointestinal problems thanks to a relatively higher number of mast cells that release histamine. Histamine causes humans to sneeze when exposed to something that they are allergic to, and it is mainly found on the skin of cats and dogs. We pay close attention to any allergies and dermatology issues your pet may have to help relieve their symptoms. Our pets are also prone to opportunistic skin and ear infections. We use a variety of diagnostic tools to help us get the correct diagnosis so we can initiate effective treatments.


Otolaryngology focuses on the ears, throat, and nose. These areas can reveal signs of disease in your pet. Our animal hospital has dedicated veterinarians who are experienced in finding signs of disease in your pet.

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